3PL contract negotiations consulting

Typical logistics contract negotiations can take weeks or even months before the document is ready to be signed. The duration of the negotiations could be prolonged due to the inability to compromise between the parties on the contested points. Timing and leverage is key in securing a favorable outcome in your negotiations.

Logistics Avenue Consulting has a strong competence in the subject matter of the logistics contract negotiations as well as ample experience in how to approach each discussion in order to position our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes in contracting the business relationship with a 3PL.

What we offer our clients is a preliminary needs assessment, supporting or leading negotiations, project management, and risk management. By utilizing our services, our clients can leverage best in class standards in contract logistics which LAC has come to acquire over a long track record of various projects spanning multiple industries.

Timing and leverage

Logistics Avenue Consulting can support your company in leading or consulting you on contract negotiations with 3PLs. From our experience, we believe that the key to approaching this facet of outsourced logistics is to position yourself well in the sourcing journey in order to generate leverage and be mindful of the timing as to when decisions and expectation sharing with the suppliers should take place. Having this approach built into your overall sourcing project plan, will enable you to secure the best possible conditions in your contract and generate better bargaining power to close out the deal quickly and ultimately less costly.

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