Contract Logistics Advisory by LAC

Contract logistics is a complex transaction between companies and 3PL suppliers. It is advisable for companies to invest in the contracting phase by hiring experienced professionals to handle and provide guidance in the entire process.

LAC specializes in 3PL sourcing and contract negotiation support for companies of all sizes and across all industries. If you are looking for support in finding a 3PL partner for your company, LAC can support you in the entire sourcing process – from market research through contract negotiations.

Having the right support on your side from the very beginning will ensure that your needs are being adequately addressed and your best interests are protected and secured along the sourcing journey of negotiating a logistics contract.

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Logistics Avenue Consulting can support you with the following:

Contract Negotiations with 3PLs

3PL Contract negotiations can help you reduce costs, risks, save time...

Tender Management

Since we work across a wide range of industries and sectors...

Benchmarking of 3PL Contracts

Benchmarking of 3PL Contracts is effective to compare performance...

Support in Execution of 3PL Contracts

Working with Logistics Avenue Consulting is a smart move…

3PL Outsourcing Strategy

A crucial decision around creating a strategy for and managing the…

3PL Logistics Management

Logistics Avenue Consulting can provide you with an evaluation…

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