3PL Tender Management Support

Logistics Avenue Consulting has extensive experience in leading and managing RF(x) engagements for logistics operations – warehousing and distribution. From identifying the scope to be tendered, through data gathering (qualitative and quantitative), supplier discussions and negotiations and finally proposal evaluation and recommendation, LAC can support or lead the entire tendering project for your company.

Framework for 3PL Tender Management

Our Tender management service helps businesses of any size with managing or leading their RF(x) projects. We have a tried and tested framework for tendering warehousing and distribution services which focuses on understanding key operational differentiators from 3PLs participating in the bid. Our tendering approach also includes the commercial contracting phase in order to leverage the multiple rounds of negotiations which yields in generating the desired leverage for our clients. Our tendering framework encompasses insightful analytics, robust offer comparison, deep financial understanding, commercial contract consideration, solution design evaluation and overall offer recommendation – this comprehensive assessment will ensure that your decision to award your logistics operations to a 3PL is based on a well-rounded and informed approach.

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If your company is looking for support in managing logistics tenders, LAC can offer you our tender management service.

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